Can The Executor Of A Will Be Changed?

When someone creates a Will, they’re asked to choose someone they trust to act as executor of their Will after they pass away. And as long as the nominated person is competent and over 18 years of age, Will makers are entitled to appoint whomever they want to carry out their final wishes on their behalf.

The Property Settlement Process - Where To Start

Approximately one out of every three marriages and de facto relationships in Australia end in divorce or separation. And just like the relationships that preceded them, every separation is unique. Some are amicable and relatively easy, whereas others end up being complicated, drawn-out, and emotionally draining. One of the main reasons why many separations and divorces become so problematic is the property settlement process.

Can a Stepchild Contest a Will?

With around one-third of all marriages ending in divorce, blended families have become increasingly common throughout Australia. With marriages, divorces, separations, and de facto relationships, families are now much more complex structures which often invariably include biological offspring, adopted children, and one or more stepchildren.

Institutional Child Sexual Abuse - Information For Female Survivors

The trauma of childhood sexual abuse is significantly devastating for all survivors. When child sexual abuse occurs in institutional contexts, it has a profoundly complex and wide-ranging influence on their childhood and throughout their adult lives.

Boston Scientific Class Action

AJB Stevens Lawyers have filed Supreme Court Representative Proceedings (“class action”) against Boston Scientific Corporation and Boston Scientific Pty Ltd (“Boston Scientific”) for a large group of women who have suffered debilitating injuries caused by mesh implants distributed by Boston Scientific. Proceedings have been commenced in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. 

Mortgage Payments After Separation - Who Pays What

Marriage doesn’t always last – and if you are going through a separation, firstly, understand that you’re not alone. In Australia, 30% of first-time marriages and 60% of second marriages end in divorce. One of the biggest problems when couples separate, particularly for those who own a home together, is determining who is moving out, who is staying and who pays the mortgage. 

Participating National Redress Scheme Institutions: What You Need To Know

The purpose of the National Redress Scheme is to acknowledge the impact of institutional child sexual abuse on victims. 

What To Do If A Sibling Disputes A Parent’s Will

The death of a parent is traumatic and whether due to stress, grief or greed, sibling disputes are common. In fact, they are the most common cause of Will disputes. It doesn’t matter how close the siblings were throughout the life of their parents, if someone deems the Will to be unfair, it can cause a bitter fight. In turn, this can lead to a long and expensive legal affair. 

Property Settlement After Separation - Top Tips You Need To Know

When you get married or enter into a de-facto relationship, you generally do so because you expect to be spending your lives together. You begin to merge bank accounts, superannuation, you might buy a car together, pets, and a home. 

National Redress Scheme – Who Can Apply

The National Redress Scheme was created as a support system for those coping with the lifelong, devastating consequences of child sexual abuse at the hands of an institution. Adult survivors struggle long after the abuse takes place and this scheme is both a mechanism for compensation and support. It was created on the back of the Royal Commission on sexual abuse, an inquiry that reviewed child abuse laws Australia and found rampant child sexual abuse at institutions such as schools, youth facilities, and churches. 

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