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Superannuation & Will Disputes: What Are Your Rights?

A superannuation fund is one method by which Australians can save for their retirement. Your employer sets aside money, 9.5% of your wage, for every year that you work and it is supposed to provide you with a fund to live off of once you retire. The more money you save, the more you will have to rely on when your retirement years roll around. You can withdraw money when you turn 65 or when you retire. 

Will Disputes - Common  Reasons People Contest a Will

Death comes to us all eventually. Yet it’s still human nature to grieve whenever someone we love passes away. And these emotional moments will likely become considerably more difficult to deal with if you feel you’ve been unfairly provided for in their Will.

Trustee vs Executor - What You Need To Know

When someone dies, their assets, property, money, shares, and everything else they own is described collectively as that person’s estate. In most cases, they will have written a will which has the instructions for how they want their estate to be dealt with after death. The assets and property within their estate become a legacy, bequest, or inheritance which is left to people called beneficiaries. 

De Facto Relationship Legal Rights During A Relationship Break Down

Regardless of a relationship’s nature, deciding to end it can be a difficult and emotional experience. But when it comes to de facto relationships, many couples are not aware of the relevant legal obligations and implications of separation.

Child Custody - What Age Can A Child Decide Who They Live With?

Separation can be tough, and divorce can often be even harder to deal with. But when a relationship breaks down and children are involved, things become even more complicated. That’s because their future living arrangements must be sorted out. But how? A parenting agreement is a good place to start when deciding child custody in Australia.

Is a Separated Spouse Entitled to Your Inherited Property

When someone passes away, their survivors will receive their estate through an inheritance. When you receive an inheritance from someone close to you, in most cases it will have been intended to be for you specifically, not for your partner as well. Unfortunately, you may be required to share some of your inheritance with them if you decide to separate or get a divorce. Read on to find out how inherited property is treated in these situations, but first…

A Guide To Property Settlement After Separation or Divorce

Ever since the Family Law Act allowing for no-fault divorce was introduced in 1975, the Australian divorce rate has been reduced by over half. But unfortunately, there is still an average of 2 divorces per 1000 people in Australia per annum.

National Redress Scheme - Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

During the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the Commission heard from thousands of victims who described the abuse they suffered as children in in various Australian Institutions. 

Property Settlement Vs. Divorce - What Is The Difference?

Divorce and property settlement are two completely separate matters of Family Law, but many couples frequently confuse the two. A property settlement is needed because a divorce doesn’t sever the financial part of a relationship. So, what are the differences between getting divorced and a property settlement? 

Property Settlement - What Are Your Entitlements?

One of the most important legal steps after the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship is for both parties to come to a property settlement. This can either be negotiated and agreed to between the parties or be made by application to the court. In this post we look at:

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