What Are You Entitled To During a Divorce?

When you marry someone, the last thing you think about is what will happen in a divorce. Through the happy years, you might invest in property, stocks, buy cars and boats, or other assets together – or you might purchase an investment in your own name, your own car, or another vehicle. Regardless of whether assets are in your name, your partner’s name, or both, when you separate it can be tough to figure out how that property is divided, so here’s what you need to know.

Does Superannuation Form Part of a Divorce Settlement?

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events someone can go through. You are dealing with the emotional stress of the end of a relationship. You also have to deal with arranging your future, however you can't focus on your future until you settle your past. This means managing your superannuation, along with the rest of your property. 

Does A Divorce Affect A Legal Will?

Under Australian law, entering into a new marriage invalidates your existing Will. This is a fact that many Australians are unaware of and it means that you need to sit down and create a new Will. Does that mean divorce has the same effect on your Will as marriage? That is a slightly more complicated situation, even though many people assume divorce does the job for them. 

Practical Tips To Help You Prepare for Divorce

Divorces are almost never easy. They’re complicated, stressful, and emotionally draining period experiences, especially when they involve custody issues. But by ensuring you’re fully informed about your rights so you understand what to expect during the divorce process will make it easier to get through this difficult time. So with that in mind, here’s our step-by-step guide with practical tips to help you prepare for divorce.

De Facto Relationship Legal Rights During A Relationship Break Down

Regardless of a relationship’s nature, deciding to end it can be a difficult and emotional experience. But when it comes to de facto relationships, many couples are not aware of the relevant legal obligations and implications of separation.

Property Settlement Vs. Divorce - What Is The Difference?

Divorce and property settlement are two completely separate matters of Family Law, but many couples frequently confuse the two. A property settlement is needed because a divorce doesn’t sever the financial part of a relationship. So, what are the differences between getting divorced and a property settlement? 

Property Settlement - What Are Your Entitlements?

One of the most important legal steps after the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship is for both parties to come to a property settlement. This can either be negotiated and agreed to between the parties or be made by application to the court. In this post we look at:

Australia’s No. 1 Family Law Myth – Partners Automatically Get Half the Property on Separation or Divorce

The worst thing about separation and divorce is that your former partner will get half of everything, no matter what, right? Well, no. In Australia there is no right for either spouse to get half of the property or marital assets from the marriage. In this article, we dissect this ‘equal division’ or’50/50’ separation myth and explain the actual rules for property settlement in Australia.

Separation or Divorce - What You Should and Should Not Do

When a marriage breaks down it is important to consider how you will deal with this legally. There are several crucial components to permanently ending the relationship, including the separation/divorce itself, ongoing care for children, and financial/property settlements.

A Guide To Divorce in Australia

This document is a general guide to divorce law in Australia. In this Guide, we set out:

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